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Gregory J Ross, BEc, BSc, DipEd, ACE.
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The series of books titled Poodles In Australia (est.1986), published in 3 volumes, record full details of all Poodles who have received a title in the conformation, obedience and agility show rings in Australia since 1973.

Australia has not had a central registry for dogs; each state published its own records.There is no 'Stud Book' published and hence no publication of pedigrees by the Australian National Kennel Council, the canine governing body in Australia.

The Poodles In Australia books are the only source of pedigree information about the Poodle breed in Australia.

These books contain a vast amount of data including photographs of top winners, Honour Rolls of the Leading Sires and Dams and the Honour Roll of Top Breeders in Australia. They also contain the colour marked 3-generation pedigrees of all titled Poodles in Australia since 1973 and kennel presentations by the leading Poodle breeders in Australia.

At this time all 3 volumes are sold out; there are no plans to reprint at this time as the popularity of the Poodle, and hence the number of breeders and exhibitors, has fallen considerably over the past years. There are plans to continue the series at a later time should there be enough demand.