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The articles below are the writings of experienced breeders, trainers and veterinarians; when known, the author is acknowledged on the page with the article. Each month we receive numerous requests for advice and assistance and hope the inclusion of these articles here will assist the new owner/breeder in their quest for knowledge. There's also some good and informative information here for the experienced person too .... never stop learning!
In addition, our LINKS page contains leads to many informative sites with health, training and other related articles.

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Aust Champion
How To Gain The Title

Howling & Crying When Left Alone

.Looking for information about a specific inherited disease
e.g. PRA or Addisons? Click the link below:


Caring For Your New Puppy

Insect Repellant

Crate Training

Lead Training Your Puppy

Desexing of Puppies

Natural Health Diet Recipe

Ear Problems

"Teacup" Toy Poodles

How To Talk So Your Dog Will Listen

Prevent Destructive Chewing


Toilet Training Your Puppy

Natural Rearing Method

Toilet Training an Older Dog


Natural Health & Care Info 1

Vaccinations: A Word of Caution for Our Animals

Genetic Diversity - A Treatise by Tom Mangan

Diet Guide for Domestic Dogs and Cats

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