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2020 Looking to the Future!

Keep an eye on this page!!  We will be adding and updating information, news and all things poodle very soon!  We will continue collecting and posting show and performance results, Breeder information and helpful tips and ideas for Poodle Owners and Lovers.

Many Thanks to Gregory Ross for looking to the future by finding a way to preserve this iconic Australian web page.

"The first website was registered in 1994 as http://welcome.to/poodlesinaustralia. In 1998 I registered the domain name poodlesinaustralia.com and in the ensuing 20 years provided breeders and enthusiasts with as much information about the Poodle as I could, with over half a million visitors to the website. "The Poodle - An Illustrated Breed Standard" has been visited 542,781 times!

People forget that the photographs of their dogs that they post online (on Facebook, for example) are there fleetingly... as the years pass those photos will be lost in the myriad of posts by both themselves and others, and there will be no longer a record or photo of those dogs achievements. This website could possibly fill that gap.

Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of contributors, visitors and supporters of PoodlesInAustralia.com from all over the world during the past 20 years. Certainly it could not have maintained its #1 position in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines for 20 years without you.". - Gregory J. Ross


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