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Organisations : Australia
Australian National Kennel Council
Canberra Canine Association
Canine Associaton of Western Australia
Northern Territory Canine Association
Queensland Canine Control Council
Royal New South Wales Canine Council
South Australian Canine Association
Tasmanian Canine Association
Victorian Canine Association

Organisations : Abroad
AMERICA: American Kennel Club
AMERICA: Versatility In Poodles
NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand Kennel Club

Poodle Clubs
Canadian Poodle Club
Finnish Poodle Club
Golden City Poodle Club (South Africa) Email link
Internet Poodle Club
Norwegian Poodle Club
Poodle Club of America, The
Poodle Club of New South Wales Inc (Australia)
Poodle Club of Queensland Inc (Australia)
Poodle Club of Victoria (Australia)
South Western Poodle Club, The (UK)
Standard Poodle Club, The (UK)
Danish Poodle Club
Swiss National Poodle Club

Poodle Breed Standards
Australian Poodle Breed Standard
FCI (European) Poodle Breed Standard
United Kingdom Poodle Breed Standard

Poodle History Information
Poodle History Project by Emily Cain

You Judge The Poodle!
You Be The Judge! Robert Cole

Importing Dogs into Australia
Aust Quarantine information including costs

Dogs In Review (USA)
Dog News Newspaper (USA)
Dog World Newspaper (UK)
Our Dogs Newspaper (UK)
Dogs Online Australia (Australia)
Poodle Variety (USA)
National Dog - The Ringleader Way (Australia)
Poodle Review, The (USA)

Rangeaire Vision: videos of the Poodle Nationals:
• 2011 National (Vic) part1 (Day 1) & part2 (Day 2)
• 2011 National (Vic) part3 (Minis) & part4 (Stds)
• 2007 National (NSW) Parts 1 & 2
• 2005 National (Qld) 2005 Parts 1 & 2
• 1995 National (Vic)


David The Dogman - HUGE list of articles!
General Dr P's Dog Training
General Dog Problems: Training,Behaviour,Obed

General How To Train A Dog + More
Agility Dog Agility Page
Obedience Freestyle Canine (Musical) Freestyle
Flyball Flyball

Health & Related Issues including
Inherited Canine Diseases


Tuff Dog Beds

Dogs The complete guide to dogs, with breed information, a breeder guide, a free dog classifieds section and more. Just Us Dogs

Dogs Unlimited - Great Products for the Dog of Your Life!

PassionPetsAustralia (Polar Fleece Dogcoats)

Dog Beds Online - Dog Beds of all shapes & sizes for the fussiest of canines!

2000 Dog Names!
David The Dogman - HUGE list of articles!
Dog Breeder. The
Dog Owner's Guide
Dogsites.com.au (Australia)
Best In Show Dog Jewellery (Aust)
Ezycoat Dog Hair Dyers (Australia)
Laughing Dog Press
Personalised Poodle T-Shirts
Napoleons Website (UK)
Poodle Museum, The (USA)
PoodlePlayground: Grooming
PoodlePlayground: Breeding
Poodle Support Group Email Digest (USA)
Spring Fair Dog Show (Australia)

William Secord Gallery (Dog Paintings)