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Following legal advice we do not recommend specific breeders.

If you are looking for a Poodle to join your family, we strongly recommend you start your search at your local dog rescue centre. Very often there are Poodles looking for their new forever home, just waiting patiently for that special person to come along. Contact your local council for details.

Alternatively you can contact your state canine controlling authority (contact details here) and they will be able to recommend registered breeders who currently have puppies available.

You can contact the Poodle club nearest you for the names of reputable breeders who currently have puppies available - details on our Poodle Clubs page here.

It is generally wise for prospective puppy owners to approach registered breeders of purebred dogs rather than to purchase from unregistered breeders or pet shops.

Some advantages of seeking a puppy from a registered breeder:

  • Clubs and Canine Controlling Bodies provide their members with ongoing breed education and the latest breed information as it comes to hand. They also keep their members up to date with Federal, State and Local Government legislation as it applies to the keeping of dogs, and also with current animal welfare matters.
  • Clubs and Canine Controlling Bodies have Regulations and Codes of Ethics to which members must adhere in order to remain "members in good standing".
  • Puppies offered for sale by registered breeders "should be of merchantable quality and suitable for the intended purposes of the buyer", which infers that the puppies should be healthy and have a sound temperament that is typical for the breed. If a puppy falls short of the "merchantable quality" description, then the purchaser has recourse to the Club or Controlling Body which supplied the referral.