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Jouet Poodles - Top winning black and white standards in Denmark. Now also breeding quality white miniatures. 1124543051

Kennel Dyrstad
Standard- darf- toy and miniature poodles in Norway 1122134424

Sonyboys Poodles
Breeding Apricot/Black Standard,Black Dwarfs 1121890548

Aux Yeux Noirs poodles
Miniature poodles in black brown and white & dwarves in black and brown 1119542107

Pin Up Panthers Standard Poodles
Small quality breeding of black and white standard poodles in Denmark 1115222102

Tango Poodles
Breeding quality Standard Poodles for show, performance and home. Located in beautiful Southern Ontario, Canada. 1114968738

goldstandardpoodle - Apricot poodles in Moscow Russia 1109034744

Minarets Poodles
One of the Top Poodle Kennels in the United Kingdom. 1109013968

Pamplona Poodles
Michael Coad of Pamplona specialising in Std Poodles & Geoff Corish of Sealaw. Handlers, Breeders and Exhibitors in the UK. 1109013893

Dorian Gray Kennels Germany
Silver Miniatures and Toys 1108572540

Myflair Poodles
Black & White Miniture poodles in Australia 1107848461

We are breeding black dwarf Poodles in Switzerland for people who likes to go for walks every day and who likes to enjoy a happy dog 1107337572

Black Toy Poodles in Kazakhstan 1106727796

Black Toy Poodles in Kazakhstan 1106727165

FlÂsmyrens StandardPoodles
Breeding since 1965 1105137126

Ninihills Standardpoodles
Breeding white & black top standardpoodles 1105136985

kennel of apricot miniatures 1103695217

Poodle Kennel ONLY FOR YOU
Poodle in Germany health and PRA prcd tested breeding 1100973831

Bayerische-Sommerb‰ren - toy-dwarf in black and brown heath tested breeding 1099920496

Fantastic Feature's Poodles
Standard Poodles in black & white 1099839548

High quality black, white and brown Miniature, Dwarf and Toypoodles from Germany 1099676972

SUPERPLUSH - Brown/black toy/dwarf poodles.Breeding only from health and DNA-tested stock. 1099556907

Kennel Black Basic
Breeder of dwarf & miniature in Sweden. 1079941516

Denali Poodles
Standard & Miniature poodles for show or pet. All genetic testing current. 1079414615

Guldtackans Kennel
Topwinning Standard Poodles, in Silver,White, Black and Brown 1078693814

Kennel Warming
Top winning black and brown miniatures in Denmark 1075775180

Kennel Art Attack
Black and white standarspoodles in Sweden 1075079084

ormar poodles
Quality standard poodles from top american and canadian champion bloodlines. 1074220270

Handler at Europe
This is for people who looks for an handler at Europe and from and for Handler at Europe 1073577037

Kennel Aconite
Apricot toys and dwarfs in Denmark 1054994731

Kennel of the Transylvanian Hills
Famous Dutch/Rumanian Breeder of Miniature's and Standard Poodles 1050918050

Standard Poodles black and white in Switzerland 1048425630

AVIVIM Black and Brown STANDARD POODLES in Israel
Only 1 litter every 2 years as we're looking for diversity and low inbreeding without losing beauty and good temperament. 1047380375

Samarcanda standard poodles
Standard poodles in Italy 1046885252

Chardonnay Poodles
Breeders of top quality ice-white miniature poodles and ice-white, silver, and blue standard poodles. Loacated in Ontario Canada 1042850193

Vanitonia Poodles
One of the UK's Top Poodle Kennels with many champions 1042752882

Aima Manueska kennel
small russian miniature poodle kennel 1040990761

Senkrah French Bulldog & silver Toy Poodles
Silver Toy Poodle Kennel from Scotland Uk 1037819560

Old House
Apricot Miniature and Standard Poodles in Finland 1034850151

Cherish poodles
Small quality breeding of black miniatures. 1032144001

Greyfun's kennel
Apricot and grey miniature and dwarf poodles in Finland 1031436113

Timari Poodles
Specialize in Black & Brown Miniature Poodles. 1031348833

Top Narcis
In Heart of Europe toy and dwarf quality poodles 1029488965

Ahornstreet - Standard Poodle white and black 1029306815

Staedline's Poodles
Black and brown Toy/Dwarfpoodles in sweden 1028575114

Special Attraction
Dwarfpoodle/Miniture Kennel in Holland, Black and White 1024851285

StanlejPoodles - Toys in Brown and Black from Norway 1023708439

van Klein-nulland
toy and dwarfpoodles in the netherlands 1023214476

Karaliaus mylimasis Poodels
Toy & Dwarf poodles in silver, apricot, white & black. Miniature poodles in apricot & red. Home of one of the Top Lithuanian Poodle kennel. 1023210038

Shikarah - Top kennels of Poodles & Afghans from Madrid-Spain 1022628651

Poodle Info
Pedigrees, litters, prcd-PRA tested poodles, etc. 1022272363

Minarets Poodles
Home of one of the Top UK Miniature Poodle Kennels 1019857302

We are a small poodle kennel but we have some beautiful dogs we would like to show you 1019055015

Poodles In Scandinavia
Meet the beautiful poodles in the Scandinavian countries. Breeders, studdogs, handlers, puppies, agility, obedience, show calendar, links. 1018429513

Magicstar puymeras Poodles USA
Toys, minis, standards in USA 1016311189

WinterGarden Poodles
located in Beautiful BC, Canada, black standard poodles, champion bloodlines, health tested, home raised 1016304171

Songbird Miniature Poodles
Top Quality Miniature Poodles in White, Silver and Black, located in Connecticut, USA 1016111788

LYRIC Poodles, Canada
Quality, versatile Standards and Minis since 1981. Please sign our guestbook! 1014582126

Misch´Amies Poodles
Breeder of black and white toys and dwarfs in Denmark 1012102580

Airy Arabeska Poodles
Miniature and toy poodles from Russia. 1010442709

breeder of black,brown and white toy and dwarfpoodles in Sweden 1010252328

osmanthus poodles
black/brown miniatures, dwarfs and toys in Italy 1009714176

Standing Strong Poodles
For standard poodles from old, healthy American lines 1006803717

Kennel Marco Bohemica
Top kennel from the Heart of Europe proudly presents our White Standard Poodles 1005004897

Rosebell Poodles
Quality White and Cream Miniature Poodle Breeder in Canada 1003684716

Cavri Poodles
Toy poodles in white, cream, red and apricot for show or pets to approved homes. 1003592275

Standard Poodles Since 1963. Black, Silver and White 1003585129

Cosmic Poodles
Standard Performance Poodles in America 1003584991

Since 1976. Breeding for diversity of pedigree, with the style and character our dogs are known to produce. Holistic approach to rearing... 1003584560

Romar Poodles
Black and brown Toy Poodles in the UK. 1003566037

Fanci Toy Poodles
Toy Poodles, Champions, information and fun 1003549111

Rayah black and brown Standard Poodles
Reg'd Kennel. Temperament plus home-raised standard poodle puppies available occasionally from fully health tested parents. 1003536982

Toy & Standard Poodles in U.S.A. 999563539

Pretty Pretty Kennel
Enjoy our apricot and white standard poodles from Israel. 999444230

100% Poodles
Poodles in Canada 999292994

ANGELSUN - Poodles with Panache!
Apricot and Red Poodles - visit us! 997140553

POODLES Beau and Gentle
Devoted to the two Agility Poodles, Beau and Gentle 997140352

COLLENDINA TOY POODLES breeders of toy poodles for show or pet1124616458


PANTONE POODLES Poodles of Distinction ï Tasmania ï Standard poodles as much at home in the ring as on your couch.1123838261

QUINIVA STANDARD POODLES Standard Poodles,Macquarie Plains Tasmania. Exhibitor and breeding blacks,blues,browns,whites.Our poodles live in the house with us.1122295721

TANNAH STANDARD POODLES Apricot and Red Standard Poodles... Discerning poodles for people who want to be noticed.1121760966

CAPANASH STANDARD POODLES Exhibitor and breeder of Champion Black, Cream & White Standard poodles. Breeding for Substance and Style. Located in Melbourne, Australia.1120440904

MINIVALE MINIATURE POODLES Quality Black Miniature Poodles, Hobart TASMANIA1120170424

AUFAIT STANDARD POODLES Exhibiting & breeding beautiful Standard Poodles. Melbourne, Australia1119441873

COLLENDINA TOY POODLES breeding toy poodles for the showring and pet1114683958

VASARLEY PARK POODLES Quality Standard & Toy Poodles - located in Albury-Wodonga. The Home of Champions.1113878924

Elizalea Poodles Breeding strong, healthy dogs with the best temperaments! Our dogs are mates - they live in the house & puppies are handled and trained from birth.1112328928

SHERZAM POODLES Quality black & brown toy & standard poodles- located in Wagga Wagga, NSW1110841710

Elire Poodles Top winning black and brown poodles, Sydney Australia1105932525

STUARTLEA POODLES Specialising in red and apricot standard poodles1104918700

WESTPRIORS POODLES Paintings and Best in Show Winning Top Poodles Victoria Australia1102517525

SIVARO MINIATURE POODLES Est 1971: Breeder/Exh of brown and black miniature poodles. Breeding for quality, type and temperament. Ch and Imp bloodlines.1102226787

HALLABY TOY POODLES Breeder/Exhibitor of quality Toy Poodles in Victoria - Australia1100637432

JENUIN POODLES Top Australian winning Miniatures and Toys specialising in Type, Temperament,Soundness and health.1100263797

JEUNESSE POODLES 40 years experience breeding quality health tested Black & Brown Toy Poodles1100072761

LORENCI - Lyn Edmonds - Poodle Specialist - Licensed All Breeds Judge -1099995993

GIDAY Versatile Standard Poodles; with titles in Obedience, Agility ,Conformation, Tracking and Endurance1099807542

SHERTONAH POODLES Elegance in motion - Standard poodles in Apricot and Black1099745628

ZILLARA TOY & MINIATURE POODLES We are a small kennel located in the Lower Hunter Region1099696648

NEIGER NEIGER Quality Standard and Toy Poodles1099696008

MONTOYS Small kennel specialising in quality Black, Brown, Red/Apricot Toys1099693991

BIENAIME MINIATURE POODLES Brown-Black-Silver-White & Blue Miniature Poodles - Brisbane1082271955

YENDALE POODLES Toys & Miniatures1077403680

MAXILA POODLES N MINIATURE PINSCHERS Toy Poodles since 19901077017801

Magicalia Poodles Exhibitor and Breeder of Top Winning Black and White Standard Poodles1076937848

MARLAU KENNELS Est 1959. Breeding Toy poodles for 40 years and Standard poodles for over 16 years. Specialising in coloured poodles.1074858989

GARWEY TOY POODLES Est.1960 Breeding Black & Brown Toy poodles. Breeding for health, size and conformation.1072065205

PETITLATOY TOY POODLES. Home of Champion black, brown, and white toy poodles. Qld.1072056478

CHATAIN STANDARD POODLES Breeding and exhibiting top winning standard poodles for 3 decades.1072002627

ASTII STANDARD POODLES BIS Winning Standard Poodles in Australia and New Zealand1015477760

ALAMOANA POODLES Home of Imported Champion Miniature and Toy Poodles1023280764

CHA CATTERY AND HARLEQUIN POODLES Breeding Abyssinian & Somali Cats and Pure Bred Harlequin & Parti Poodles in Australia. Nola Molloy.1053093748

CHALISI POODLES Red and Red-Apricot Toy Poodles - USA Imports - In Show and On Show1024146420

CHARDONNAY POODLES Breeders of Top Quality Standard and Miniature poodles in Ice-white, Silver, and Blue. All poodles from the best canadian (american) bloodlines.1057620897

DANRITH STANDARD POODLES Home of BIS Blacks, Creams and Whites for 27 years.1030896566

ELIRE Miniature Poodles Look out for some of the top winning miniatures in Australia. Winners at 2002 Sydney Royal Show and Poodle Specialty NSW.1027938349

FRANELLE TOY POODLES Red - Apricot - Black - Brown Toy Poodles1035499570

HILLANI POODLES The Hillani Kennel was founded in 1970, specialising in the breeding of Silver and White Miniature Poodles...... Janet Hillier1023524404

Standard and Miniature Poodles in New Zealand 997106266

KIRADA STANDARD POODLES Breeder and Exhibitor of Standard Poodles in Adelaide-Australia View our beautiful Poodles in black,white/cream and silver.1053169773

LEFAY TOY POODLES Quality Champion Black & Brown Toy Poodles in Sydney Australia since 1975.1053841791

LORTOYALL POODLES Red,Apricot,Black and Brown Toy Poodles Imported Lines1025150745

MAXILA POODLES Toy Poodles since 19901058936451

MONCHERRIE TOY POODLES Champion Red - Apricot - Brown - Silver & White Toy Poodles1058539061

NINETTE TOY POODLES Victoria Australia Est. 1965. Many Best In Show and Champion Poodles to view1024912223

OBANYA Standard blacks & browns occassional litters from sound, tested stock.Reg VCA1027502290

PICARDY STANDARD POODLES Fine Art in Standard Poodles1016580857

RENOIR TOY POODLES Toy Poodles in New Zealand1029311874

SHANANDEL Home of white and black toy poodles ..South Australia1027672309

SHERZAM KENNELS Toy & Standard Poodles - Wagga Wagga NSW1043197279

STANLEJ poodles brown black toy1033745069

SYLVENUS KENNELS Toy & Standard poodle exhibitor/breeder based in Perth.West Australia1023038107

TROYMERE POODLES Breeders of Champion and Best In Show winning Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles in Sydney Australia1042244863

ZTOY POODLES Ztoy for top toys downunder.1017373374